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Lighter Plans

I’ve made the internal decision to live a healthier life with hopes of losing weight in the process.

Some of my decisions will include:
Bringing a lunch instead of buying one whenever I can;
Eating meals to satiate hunger instead of out of boredom;
Cutting back on soft drinks to only special occasions, then completely- something I did in the past with great success but would like to continue;
Taking public transit as much as conveniently possible;
Cutting back on computer screen time;
Taking the stairs over the elevator whenever possible;
Cutting back on desserts and sugar not only for the benefit of my waistline, but for my teeth
Maintaining a diet free of beef with the exception of beef broth, cuz man, I love me some French onion soup;
Remembering to take my medications on time;
Maintaining a regular sleep cycle

That’s just a few I can think of off the top of my head. Some may help me lose weight or keep weight off, and that’s fine with me. I can live a life without sodas or steaks if it means I keep off 15-20 unnecessary pounds! Once I start feeling healthier again, I would like to take up jogging or bicycling for exercise possibly.


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