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My son is sick today. He has a fever and recently is throwing up a bit. (Nothing scary, just letting him rest and keeping an eye on him.)

After he threw up I gave him water and encouraged him to drink as much as he could, because throwing up is no fun but dry heaves are the worst.

He agreed, “Dry heaves are the worst. Wet heaves are the best.”

I feel sorry for the kid, but couldn’t help laughing my ass off at that one!



Funny :D

But I hope he feels better soon, CB!

Even worse than being sick yourself is taking care of a sick child :/

The fever seems to have broken

It was about 102 all morning. I made him take a couple of baths, and gave him Tylenol and such, and kept him hydrated, sang to him, and put a cold cloth on his head. Finally I checked on him an hour ago and it’s down to 99.8. So that’s an improvement! Barely a degree above normal.

He’s still resting. I bought him a comic book to read, and some candy, and lots and lots of fresh fruit and juice. If he weren’t sick he’d be having the time of his life!

I hope he’ll be feeling much better by tomorrow.

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