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Girl from work I’ve been running into occasionally pretty much since day one working here, mostly in the elevator, so for sixish months. I saw her on the subway on my way home tonight so I said hello and we started chatting even though we never did in all these months. To my surprise she didn’t remember me at all (well, I reckon I just got my hair buzzed and have gone through some pretty drastically different haircuts since december, still it was funny she didn’t seem to believe she ever saw me until I produced my work apron out of my bag). Well, she told me she works from 6 AM to midnight (!!!!) so maybe she’s just too crazy exhausted to pay attention to people in the elevator, besides she seems quite shy as she’s always looking down. Anyway, I asked for her name, we sat next to each other, she said my sweater was cute. I said “so you work in the kitchen over there” and she said yes, that she’s a pastry cook. She asked if I like pastry, I said hell yeah and she said she’d cook some for me (don’t know if she was joking but it didn’t sound like it !). Turns out we don’t live far from each other. Awkward that you get to learn more about someone in ten minutes than in six months, and that it feels more right to approach someone you vaguely know in a subway station full of strangers than at work where you see them every week.


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