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Another great workout week

My goal was to work out three times, and I did all three workouts and pushed myself quite hard. I’ve discovered that adding more time on the eliptical machine instead of increasing the resistance works better with the injuries, so I’ve done that. Today I did 20 minutes on the eliptical (I’m up to 25 really, but I ran out of time) some other exercises and then half an hour of core strength with a rather horrible but efficient trainer. She kept saying things like “after this half hour you’ll really hate me” and “even the rugby players that I usually train hate this exercise, but if one single person quits, everyone will have to start all over!”. She was right, I kind of did hate her. ;) But I felt good afterwards. And I am noticing that I can do some of the exercises better, so I am getting stronger.

If only I could get my eating under control, I would lose the weight I want to lose in no time! But I’m not going to beat myself up about that. I’ll just try again this week. Getting a proper exercise regime going after a long time of only sporadic exercise is a great accomplishment. So yay me! Same goal next week, three workout sessions, with a few added repetitions on the strength exercises.


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