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control my spending (read all 16 entries…)
I've done really well with this!

I’ll be able to pay all but $500 of my credit card, but I was able to transfer that amount to a no-interest card for a $15 fee, much less than I would pay if I kept it on the original card. It looks like I’ll be entirely out of debt by the end of the year if I keep my spending under control and don’t have any unexpected and unavoidable charges. Having the set aside fund has been a lifesaver. I don’t know why I didn’t have one sooner and save myself a lot of stress!


boo, out of cheers

but yayyy for progress on your goal!! very impressive!

nicolasc will be out of the picture a lot. Please don't take lack of response or reciprocation personally!

This sounds similar to what I'm working on.

I fell off the wagon with my spending this month…I really need to get back on it! But cheers to you, it feels much better when you are disciplined with money!

Tiisi does not share entries outside 43T & asks the same. has gotten 9 cheers on this entry.


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