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Fancy self-knowing healthy reinventor

get out of debt (read all 8 entries…)
Working on Chase 1

I currently owe 3300 on this card. I applied for a consolidation loan and was denied so I have to do this on my own. Oh well. Just more motivation. So, I have had a savings account with 2000 because I wanted to move and that was my down payment, first month, and mover expense. So I am going to give up on moving until I pay off this debt and figure out what middle school my kyd will go to in a year.

So, I have been adding money to the 2000 and it is now at 2600. Once I have the 3300 saved, I will pay off the credit card.

Then I can tackle the Chase 3 card. (I paid Chase 2 off in February. How awesome will it be pay off 6000 in debt in one year.)I have one credit card that will take the most time to pay off. It is close to 10K alone. My young self was so dependent to credit cards. Ah well. We live and learn.


timothy woodhead is trying to get a grip

Would you be better off sticking the saving you have on the card.As it probably costs more in interest than you are making?

Fancy self-knowing healthy reinventor

Yes, that is what I said I was going to do with the money in savings.

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