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When i break up with my exboyfriend I have a little depression. I stay up all night, don’t eat anything & search like a fool for love – yes on the internet – I have some boys where I thought i was in love with, but everytime I was crying with that boy about my ex. The last boy leaves me alone on a festival (pukkelpop 2011) after the deadly storm. I was talking to a boy on the internet before the festival about school. When the other boy leaves me alone on the festival, that boys sends me private message online like “are you okay?” and stuff. But I gave up on love and talk with the boy about it. A week after the festival I met the boy in the real life & there was something between us. 2 days later I was on my way to the beach on my own to a boy who I see for 1 time. & on that day, he kissed me in a storm with rain & thunderlights. It was a perfect start of a perfect relationship. We have a lots of downs but we survived. We’re a strong couple. I love him & i will fight for him whatever it takes



you can have me if you want. I can do what ever you want. Filipinos are very gentleman, you know.^^,`

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