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Harmless Dilettante What I should have said was nothing.

lose weight (read all 381 entries…)
Day 12 (Second Week, Fifth Day)

July 16, 2012: Monday: 185
Net: -3 Pounds
Daily Calorie Total: 1821

Next Goal: August 12, 2012: 179.5; -5.5 to go and 26 more days to get it done.

Mysteriously went back up half a pound. It’s probably just water weight, but I also didn’t ride Saturday or Sunday. We went out to lunch with friends on the one and I over slept on the other. This week, I’ll try harder to ride on Friday and one weekend day in addition to my scheduled Monday through Thursday lessons.

Since I’ve now gotten through eleven entire days on my diet without cheating, I think I deserve a reward. I’ve decided that every Monday morning, if I’ve done a good job staying at or below my 1800/day mark and riding six days per week for the previous Monday through Sunday, I’ll get myself a little something. I’m leaning towards a new pair of reins for Ferra as her current pair need to have the rubber resewn.



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