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38. The first concert I ever went to was Restless Heart, I still lov their stuff.
39. I have a large scar over my eyebrow from a sledding accident when I was a kid.
40. I had m first boyfriend when I was 28 years old ( that’s not a typo, 28yo)
41. I was a cast member in the Vagina Monologues for three years running
42. I cannot watch movies or read books where kids hurt each other. Lord of the Flies gave me nightmares and I will not be watching or reading any of the Hunger Games, no matter the entertainment value.
43. I’m ready to meet the love of my life, wish m luck!




Good luck, Amber! :)

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Thanks TG!

Hopefully a new address will change my luck!

I’ve only done the Vagina Monologues once, but I had SO much fun. Every year I say I’m gonna find a place where I can do it again, and it’s never worked out.

Three people left the theatre after/in the midst of my monologue; I was so proud.

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My pride....

Came from seeing my family in the audience at all the performances. It’s def not for everyone!


My dad flat-out refused to go, which was fine by me. It would’ve been even more awkward than it was seeing my mom chanting “c*nt” in the audience after my bit.

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