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How to be a Good Mom

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Now we are 7

I need to do a lengthy mommy update someday soon, but for now I’d just like to wish my favorite fine young gentleman the happiest of all birthdays thus far. Today makes #7, another year which has flown by on wings faster than light. Every day you make me smile, fill me with love, pride, and wonder, open my eyes and heart and mind. Thank you so much for being exactly who you are.

Raindrops do look pretty on balloons.


koalakat Has no Internet access at the moment so may be away for a wee bit :(

Ah, what a sweetie!

A very happy birthday to him and may he have a wonderful year ahead! =)

wren You'll not see nothing like the mighty wren!

You're such an excellent mom,

and that is a really cute photo. Is he saluting his birthday cake? ;)

nicolasc will be out of the picture a lot. Please don't take lack of response or reciprocation personally!


Happy birthday to your beautiful boy!!

raslalique I'm baaaack!

Awww.... such a cutie!

I hope he had a great birthday!

xmyheart free

he sure has grown!

I know this is belated, but I hope your son had a wonderful 7th birthday. I have been following your entries since your little boy was but a baby. It’s amazing how fast time goes by, and how fast our children grow. Precious indeed :)

Theskysthelimit1976 Searching for Sky


He got so big!!! Aw! Time flies! Happy Birthday!

nobodyinyoureyes be a princess

Happy Mothers Day.


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