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user29759 is drinking hot coffee in a cold saturday stormy morning.

figure out what i want to do with my life
you are responsible for you

how did i do it? i sat myself down and figured out what i really wanted to do with my life.

-first and most important: work, i need money to survive and to get the things i want.
a. how did i accomplish this? study hard. i am a working student. i work at home by doing phone assistance and database management.
b. get rid of people’s drama. if it’s not your concern, keep your nose out of it. minimize interaction with people you will not benefit emotionally and professionally from.
c. spend below your means. this mean keeping yourself from partying when you’re suppose to study or work.
d. if you can live without a boyfriend/girlfriend then don’t spend your time with looking for one especially if you are suppose to be reaching your goal. love will come and knock itself to your door. and you won’t ran out of people that will come in and out your life. hello? there are billions of people in the planet.

- i slowly built myself up. i got myself an apartment, build my home stuff one by one and when i can afford it. lived simply enough to save up. now i have my own computer, mobile phone, dvd player, etc.

- i am slowly teaching myself to save up.

- okay, now i need a love life. :p



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