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Learn Spanish (read all 4 entries…)
Survive Spain

I’m going to Spain as an exchange student for half a year starting september. The problem is I have to study business administration in spanish and my spanish is far away from that good at this point, but I’m working on it. I know this is the kind of thing you’re not supposed to do for a guy and I usually don’t do that kind of things, but the only reason I’m going there is for the guy I love…

But then, he breaks up with me. We have almost been together for 2 years, lately our relationship has been better than ever, we have really been looking forward to me going to Spain and all and he even promised me not to break up before I come to Spain.

Last week we had a wonderful phone conversation and he even asked if I would be able to come to Spain earlier. But three days later, he changed completely, he told he didn’t want me to come, he didn’t ask how I feel or my opinion, he just broke up with me.

I know that there is a girl he met that really likes him, and he was a bit interested of her, and everytime he met her he started doubting our relationship, so the only explanation for the breakup I can find is her. And I don’t understand how he can just throw away 2 years of love and 4 years of friendship just like that, for a girl he met three times…
What hurts the most is that he break up with me when everything was perfect..

So now I don’t know how I’ll survive Spain, one big reason that I had the confidence to do it was because I had him to help me. But now I don’t even have him anymore..

I know I wrote too much that isn’t really relevant in the topic of learning spanish, but I just need to get this out..


I’m sure you’ll have a good time in Spain with or without him, it’ll be a good experience.

Thanks, I’ll try to make the best out of it.

mynameislife is only now reading the comments people post! on my entries! THanks!

That sounds really rough :(

It sounds as though he just got nervous/anxious that you were coming and that’s why he changed his mind so quickly. Regardless, I hope you get through all these changes in your life and have a good time in Spain!

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