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My best friend spent the night last night and it was truly awesome! She is so loud and obnoxious but will all her little sayings she made me laugh quite a lot. Ah, sick! I ain’t even mad! At work yesterday, my manager mentioned how I was leaving, and I told him I had an internship with a social services place, and he said “it takes a special person to do that.” So I guess I should take that as a compliment. I enjoyed talking with my foreign friend. I am glad we have psychology in common and can talk to each other about things. My relationship with her is much different than it is with my friend from home. My relationship with my foreign friend is much more serious and academic but she is still hilarious and we still laugh together. I am lucky to have her as a friend. I enjoyed reading my book, which is very creepy by the way. And then I wrote. Wrote about the pain I have been feeling for years. And I just cried. I needed that. I needed to write. I still need to write and accomplish something from it. The best part of the day though was talking with my two best guy friends. I am grateful that with one of them I can talk to him about pretty much anything. As for the other guy friend, he was very sweet last night. He is very intent on getting to know me and I am very afraid to let him in because I don’t know if he could accept me for the things I have done and the person I am because of it. I told him that I am afraid to talk to him about sex, which is very most of problems lie. And he said he felt the same way. And I told him that I find him attractive. He said, he finds me good looking as well. He said my I have a pretty smile and that made me blush. And that I should smile more. And that I am a good person. And he has such gorgeous eyes. I haven’t seen eyes like that in a long ass time.


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