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My 38th Gratitudes of 2012

Tonight, I am grateful for:
1. My husband’s decision to see a counselor before his emerging depression becomes full-blown.
2. My 60 minutes on the elliptical trainer this evening. When I arrived at the gym, I would have guessed that I would make it 30 minutes, max!
3. Work-at-home Wednesday is tomorrow!
4. The new pile of books I am reading through since we did a bookstore run on Saturday. I have the reading bug again!
5. Tickets to the Penn State/UVA game in September because I believe that the players on this year’s team need support and encouragement and that everyone who has ever been Penn State Proud can be proud again if we can work to see Penn State become what we all believed (or wanted to believe) it was…a place where honor and integrity are core components of every nook and cranny and open space at that university.


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