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Isaopolis Because the tears on my lips taste better than your kiss

grow wings (read all 100 entries…)

I haven’t checked this goal for like a week.. but I see a lot happened xD So? Anything going on with anyone here. This might be kind of a random post but I think my growing wings is permanently over with so yeaaah… I still get bad back pain when I do something that would usually only hurt my back a little, so I think their still there. I would really love to have wings but I think I would love my life more without them. I would advise everyone on this goal to think of how this could effect their life and really really think about it. Although I think most of the serious people have already done so xD I’m still having so many dreams about flying but I want to try to find a way to fly without wings maybe, or at least physical wings. Not sure how that will work but might as well think about it.


keno14 Voellerei Geiz Neid Traegheit Hochmut Wellust Zorn

If youre gonna try and fly without physical wings, then you will need to have MASSIVE stores of energy built up. And even with those you would most likely burn out. Burning out on ki or magic is not fun. Itslike vibrational flu, but without the power payoff afterwards.

Isaopolis Because the tears on my lips taste better than your kiss

xD I was previously aware, so no worries


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