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Be on extreme makeover home edition
Help my Family Extreme Home Makeover!

Dear Makeover Team,
I’m not sure if you do this in Canada, but if you do, that’s great! My dad has macular degeneration in his eyes and his eyesight is fading. I have low thyroid. My mom has high blood pressure because she has to do everything around the house. It would mean the world to us if you could come help us make our house more ‘livable’ for us. Our house is a mess because we never do anything to help, and it would really help my mom if you could come do this for us. They know I’m doing this, and I think they would be happy if it happened to us. Me and my mom watch this show every Sunday. Thanks for taking your time to read my family’s story. I don’t care if we make it or not, I think what you guys do is awesome! Thanks alot! 12-year old girl.


help my family extreme home makeover!

dear makeover team…im not sure if u do this in canada or not but if u do thats great! my mom takes care of me and my twin brother by herself. she had a job but they fired her she worked there for about 21 years. they fired her because they didnt think she could handle the work anymore because of her health.
she has scoliosis..and has to get a surgery done where they have to put a pole in her back..she also has pancreatitis and none of the docters so far have been able to help her. our house is a mess and is in bad condition. we were starting to renovate it but then when she got sick she couldnt do anymore. an extreme makeover im sure would make my mom feel more safe and happy. im sure this would mean the world to her. i think what you guys do is amazing!! and this would mean the worlld to us1
13 year ols girl

my garmam's brother

Hi, name it gabriel i am 13 yr old i am a male. Me and my grama would be sooo sooo glade if u can come and do a make over to my grama’s brothers house he hass a hard time walking around his house and he has a wheel chiar. ever time my grama sees him she crys because she thinks about what she can do and she dislike to see him like this, i know mine is nothin like the other one but it would mean ever to us if u can come and do this. thanx….. ps the WORLD TO US

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