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Socially stuck.

I’ve reached a point where I have no one whom I call or text on a daily or even weekly basis. I’m feeling stuck on a fence of sorts: I do want to make friends, but I’m so unconfident in others. I don’t trust anyone and I keep a major distance from people. I’ve seriously built walls because I am so tired of being disappointed and hurt by others. I’m safe, but safe and completely lonely. I feel so stuck. There has to be a way forward. I really miss my military friend. As much as I hate to say it, I’ve been experiencing suicidal thoughts again, just as of today. Perhaps that’s my body telling me to take down some walls and take some steps to interact with people. I guess being hurt/ disappointed from time to time is a necessary evil?


Sandy Gabrielli wake up sleepyhead

We are social animals

Its really hard to find friends. Do you have meetup.com there? Also, try volunteering. You have to get around people to find the ones you might be friends with. It will take a while and probably lots of different tries but eventurally you’ll just run into someone you click with.

Take care.

zeroid trying my best

Unfortunately, you do run that risk with people. I’ve been hurt many times by friends, but the choices are, being a totally isolated hermit ( I have fantasized about this) or find others.. True friends will always be there.
Will you be able to communicate with your military friend once he settles in??

Gho-s-t Noone lights a candle under the table , make your powers be known.


are you actually a hermit? to what degree do you isolate yourself? how long have you been like this? Do you find that you drive yourself insane when spending long periods of time not talking to anyone?

cogs10 follow love

i can’t speak, cause i have next to no friends. but i know you have a great personality, and i think you’re right about the wall… maybe lower your expectations… people are just being themselves, and i know they can inadvertently hurt you. but there’s forgiveness.

Pyxidragon is taking baby-steps

//hug// Like em or not, we can’t seem to do without others. Go get em, Draco.

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