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I'm completely ignoring the "daily" part of this goal...
  • I had the time to paint my nails blindingly pink this evening. It’s an excellent color for the beach, I feel. Haha
  • A really wonderful role-playing with my Nick to help me to work out some not-so-nice feelings I’ve been having about a certain person. I got to say all the things I wish I could say in person, without actually having to have that confrontation. I felt much lighter afterwards! : )
  • Aaralyn bonking her face up against everybody, because she’s too little to understand that you kiss with your lips. And she makes a pretty great “K” sound that usually means “kiss”, but sometimes doubles as “bedtime”, in that baby way of making up their own language. ♥
  • The massager Nick and I bought today. It’s one of the kind that you’re supposed to put in a chair and let massage the small of your back, but I like it best just putting my hands on the turning parts and getting a hand massage. Nick likes to lean back and let it massage his upper back. It feels very good on your feet. I love this thing! haha
  • I packed several notebooks to take on vacation with us, because I have a crippling fear of not having enough paper if I need to write something down. Haha. When I yanked one of them out of my backpack today, to write down directions to the zoo we didn’t go to, out tumbled a packet of folded papers. When I unfolded them, they were printouts that I made and saved a long time ago, reminders of someone who was my hero. It was very nice to read through them again today, as a surprise. : )


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Yes, much better!

That’s the great thing about role-playing, is that now that I got to scream my guts, I can carry on a conversation without feeling the need to clobber someone! Haha : )

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Fabulous description

of baby kisses…genuinely made me laugh out loud :-)

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