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Tinychat, anyone? http://tinychat.com/autumnScars
If ya don’t know me, here’s your chance lol


SoraSpeed Epicness runs in me

I would join but I’m on a 3ds, so it won’t let me. Sorry, I’ll get on soon enough, maybe Monday or Tuesday. Depends on when we move our heavy stuff.

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haha thats ok

SoraSpeed Epicness runs in me

Yeah, left my computer at my dad’s, so I’ll have to wait. I’m impatient so its torture for me.

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i would be too! i’d die without my laptop. DIEEE.

SoraSpeed Epicness runs in me

Yeah, all I hace is this 3DS for the weekend… it sucks

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Aww… It doesn’t suck if you have Pokemon… TELL MEH YOU HAVE POKEMON!


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