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Warped Tour was fun today. I mainly went there for Pierce the Veil and We The Kings, but unfortunately Pierce the Veil were scheduled to play at 8pm, and I had to leave at 6pm. :/ I was rudely told by someone else that they play at 8pm (cause he knew I went there for them) but whatever. But anyway I walked around and met Beau Bokan from blessthefall and hugged him and he was adorable. I saw We The Kings first, they put on a great show and they played all my favorites so I was good. Apparently they were shooting a music video during the show too for a new song with T.Mills and it was great. Then after that I went to see T.Mills set, and during Scandalous, he brought a girl on stage and he was all on her and she just fucking stood there and omg it made me so frustrated like why are you not doing anything T.Mills is on you right now. Then he did signings but the line was so long so I was like whatever. I for some reason don’t remember much after that.. I heard and saw a lot more, including Taking Back Sunday and they’re so great, but I was so tired and achey during their show but once they played What’s It Feel Like to be a Ghost damn I went ham. So many people were crowdsurfing too. x.x I saw half of All Time Low too then I had to leave. It was so hot out but it was alright, got a decent tan, got to see my friends there that I wanted to see. OH AND OMG when I was sitting down at a tent eating, apparently Tony and Jamie from Pierce the Veil walked by and I didn’t even notice ugh fuck everything. Oh well. I’m so tired but yeah today was a good ass day.


Your taste in music is perfect.. just thought i’d say.

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