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1. Harlan’s help folding sheets resulted in a broken ceiling fan, but at least he tried.

2. Seeing the grandkids.

3. Seeing the grandkids’ parental units. I really like Connie and her husband. Awesome people.


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A broken ceiling fan?

Folding sheets? Really? That must have been fun to watch! :)

ceiling fans

It was a surprise to say the least. He was having a difficult time finding corners of the fitted sheet and raised an arm too high. The blade broke off and came at me. I was too surprised to duck, but no injuries. He didn’t even realize it had broken till I handed him the blade. lol

Sessygail Is having her best year yet.

Oh, my!

Glad no one was hurt! :)


nope, no one hurt. I never would have thought about it happening till it did. freak accident? Or something conspiring for me to get a new ceiling fan?

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I need to

vault my bedroom ceiling as hitting my bedroom ceiling fan happens anytime I get out of bed and stretch with my arms straight up in the air. Not so freaky of an accident; so you are supposed to get a new ceiling fan. Maybe something whimsical. I am glad there were not injuries.

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