August Bootcamp 2012: Action and Adventure (read all 20 entries…)
ok, I've got it.

Action plan:
weekly – week one:
It’s all about poverty, survival, money/income and power-empowerment.

Quick and simple, get it done:

flyers in town- already designed, print, copy, distribute – 1 hour tops

yard sign – I just want lettering but I do need help and I do need to purchase the paint.

(revamp playrooms- very simple one day process, just moving a few things around)

interview presentation will be online/website edit (I’ve already got outline and most of the wording for this ready to go, again, really simple) – 2 days tops
prepare notebooks

-continue in craigslist

Adventure plan, free and within my small world:

Use my evenings alone to do something productive and positive..and outside of my comfort zone, normal routine. 4 hours or so…

park hooping session, either with girls or here in the neighborhood (if no ride), a good solid 2 hour session, visit with someone, draw, write, deep clean, declutter (trash)

also, pursue child support

that’s all I can think of for now.


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