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Sometimes reality sucks

My heel hurts worse than it ever has and the pain is different. It must be the actual spur, rather than just the fascia because it is a sharp pain. It even hurts just sitting.

Also, I finally. Got rid of my van. I bought an older Toyota but with fewer miles. The van needed some work and even if I did everything, I’d still be in a van. So I opted for a vehicle I could easily afford and just hope it is in as good shape as it appears.

Gosh I feel old.


Adar What?

The heel thing....

I have discovered that a lot of the thing I THOUGHT were my knees and feet were actually a form of sciatica, and the real problem was in my lower back and hip.

Just a thought.

For better or worse,

It’s my feet. I’ve seen the x-rays. I’ve grown a hook inside my heel. No doubt my back and hips are old as well, abut this is a well-diagnosed, localized problem.

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