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Abagdallen (Allen) and Iris (Iree) Spirit lives~

This is the super detailed painting I have done of Iris in kiddie Chimera form as well as her previous spirit life as Allen in his form as well as old as he ever got (before he died at 7 yrs… xP).

Also this is good reference for what Chimera kits around this age can look like, with Iris showing the size/proportion of the wings to body that is usual for the childhood leading up to age of 7 to 10, and Allen shows the size/proportion of wings around the age of 7 to 10 when they really start growing and the bird instincts start kicking in as well, and the ability to fly comes soon after (could not fly before due to the small wings).

I did ALL the shading here as well as adding in tails, ears, wings, claws, and the clothes, and extra shading and details in the eyes.
Allen is pale-skinned with white hair and light blue eyes and light silver spikes on the tail and pure white wings with the red markings on them.
Iree has the blue, gold, indigo wings and darker pale skin and light blonde hair with dark blue-green eyes and dark red streak in hair, and her tail spikes are pale silver like Allen’s, but her claws are painted black after her Daddy Dra’s claws.
I got the flower print in her shirt and the background from online and used them.

So I hope you like it!

~ Indi


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This is AWESOME Iree~ Beautiful!~ X3 And Awww you both look SO cute X3 and LOVE Allen’s wings~ Pretty colors~ OwO Actually love Allens clotsh here too lol gotta love native american things XD Love yoru cloths too X3 Love the WHOLE picture man X3

Awesome jstu awesome X3
Make that Awesome Indi Sorry XD

~Indigo Leighstra~ We can only ever be ourselves.~

AWWW Thank you!! X333huggles you back IKR?! XD The difference in clothes is interesting I find XD And now you can see how Dra was NOT able to resist Iree in this form man HAHA! XD And yes thanks! I worked a looooong time on this deadpans a bit remembering but I think its worth every bit of effort I put into it!~ Besides the base itself was SO CUTE HOW could I resist using it? XD

Thank you!!! ^^

~Okami Ryn~ What You are is Irrelevant, All that Matters is who you are Inside~

NP it’s really awesome ^^ Yes very intresting indeed :3 HAHA totally man I cna totally see XD haha dude it was totally worth it :3 Haha totally man you jsut cannot resist this base man XD


~Indigo Leighstra~ We can only ever be ourselves.~

Awww thanks darling~ XD And yes neither Dra nor Gra could RESIST Iree in this form bless their crooked hearts XD hears their protests now and ROFLs xD SO worth it man! And just base is GOD man GOD xD

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