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Spice up 2012 by doing at least one NEW and FULFILLING thing in April, May and June
Skipping Months!

Ooops, no intention to ignore this goal but somehow it has fallen behind.

Let’s see what I can recall about April, May & June that was New & Fulfilling?

April – a great month!
- Spent 2 weeks in beautiful Samoa on holiday with D and got to swim with a Turtle, snorkel every day, try new foods, made new friends
- Met some incredible people that survived the Samoan tsunami and realised how incredibly good life can be with just the bare essentials
- Caught up with a friend I hadn’t seen in 4yrs; spent the day together enjoying lunch, coffees and great conversation

- had my first Sunday Market stall for the year
- had a lovely facial, pedicure & neck/shoulder massage
- learnt a good lesson re following my instincts

- went to a Yoga class for the first time in 5yrs
- flew to the NSW Central Coast for a long weekend to spend time with a dear friend
- explored the Central Coast beaches, saw Whales
- went to the Dentist, finally!
- sold my car, sadly but gladly?


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