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Juicing or Detoxing every Tuesdays and Wednesdays through out 2012 (read all 52 entries…)
Week 32 and an update about week 31

This week I will do this on Monday, Tuesday and maybe Wednesday too.

I did not do too well last week. I did it but not fully. I will still count it as done as I was eating health more than unhealthy. Just was not in the way I like doing it!

Another things is that I made asparagus soup yesterday and was out in the evening. I did not blend and put it in the fridge before bed and this lunch time it was gone off and tasted like vinegar! I cannot believe that even though the summers here are not hot but must be still too warm for it to keep outside. Anyway, made leek and potato soup earlier on. Will blend and stick it in the fridge soon. I will buy more asparagus tomorrow and make asparagus soup again as I am gagging for asparagus soup.

Healthy days, happy days.



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