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bermudamohawk ✿blooming✿

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liquid junk

I’ve had a really good week. Six workouts, six days of calorie deficits (some huge, some tiny), so many healthy and delicious meals. I’m not sure if the scale will reflect all of that, but I FEEL better and that’s all that really matters.

Today hasn’t been as great. I’m giving myself Sundays as a day off from working out… and apparently from eating healthy, too :/ If Since I won’t eat anything else today, I’ll have a calorie deficit of about 50. A bad numbers day, but I’m not getting too down on myself.

Instead of ending my day with a healthy dinner, I decided to let myself splurge on a fancy, ice cream-like beverage from my favorite coffee shop. I’ve been eyeing it all summer but today’s the first time I actually tried it. The first several sips were DELICIOUS. But as I drank more and more, my stomach started disliking me more and more, as well. Imagine that. A 20oz mint chocolate chip “drink” made me feel ill? No way!

I still think it’s OK, and even healthy, to splurge every once in awhile. But it’s amazing how your body doesn’t react as well to junk after you’ve shown it how good healthy can feel.

Back to lots of fruits and veggies tomorrow. I can’t wait.


ooamaimomooo For me, it was always going to be about love.


Yay! I’m glad for you!! I’ve had sort of an opposite week to yours… :/ Work out wise has gone well—I worked out 5 days this week, but I’ve gone over my calories by (at least) a couple hundred this week. Boo me! We’ll see how much damage it’s really done tomorrow.

Anyway, congrats on your good week! <3 It really does feel good when you stay on track.. I should remember that everytime I reach for that really sugary iced coffee/energy drink.

They truly are the death of me! :(

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