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Question for science geeks who have seen Total Recall

I saw this movie and loved it, but I am having trouble with “The Fall”

1. Could it really go through the earth’s core without liquefying or ending up as a pressure cooker for the humans within?

2. Could it really have enough momentum to get out of the earth’s core once it was there?

For ambiance, this movie owes a huge debt to Blade Runner, but I loved the look of it. Cars and the system by which they are run were used in a Tom Cruise (?) movie once. Nevertheless, the movie makers managed to put a new spin on every recycled element, including the original Total Recall’s basic story, which of course was a variation on a Phillip K. Dick short story.

Critics hated this movie, but they seem to hate most things that are pure entertainment.


Collectorofcats If you try being original, you can bet on being copied.

I haven't seen it

Obviously from the why you tell it, the new movie has little in common with the original Total Recall with Arnold. Books could never be written or movies ever filmed if everyone spent all their time bowing down to the science community on whether something was possible. If you can imagine it, then someday it can become real. As any trekkie fan knows, many things that were farfetched and didn’t exist at the time are now commonplace in our day to day lives.

Jessy sweet enough without sugar

I agree, Collector,

and while I can suspend my disbelief on most things (time travel, warp speed, and so on), my original thought was “if they have the technology to go through the core of the earth, why can’t they develop the technology to clean up the air or build domes over cities in the uninhabitable part of earth” (where they could go with only gas masks for protection, so radiation or a fried ozone layer was not the problem). It’s like having rockets to the moon but no running water. Then I started wondering about the melting and the gravity at the core of the earth.

And yeah, the new Total Recall is quite different from the first one, but I do recommend it. It was exciting and visually captivating.


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