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turn my life around (read all 64 entries…)
Make a one-month plan at the beginning of every month

That was the idea I had early this year (and there is even a goal named like that on 43T) but I noticed that most of the months I didn’t stick with the one-month plan.

To turn my life around I would have to quit my job, work on something I love, have money to do whatever I desire and have more friends.

Friends seems to be a task hard to accomplish: either I meet people who aren’t that cool or I meet people who are leaving the US soon.

To quit my job is easy. But what about money?
I can live off my savings to make myself stop procrastinating and get my manuscripts in the mail, but the publishing houses have to like them so I can make $$$.
Procrastination is a big issue, but of course I choose to do nothing.

I want to be done with this goal this year, the latest in February 2013 since it will be 2 years that I added it.



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