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SidGetser having sleeping problems

Figure out What i want to do this year (read all 3 entries…)
All you need is love ?

Im suddenly Feeling Realy Pumped up.

i’m in great pysichal shape, i have alot of plans and hobbies.
im probably starting a new job for the next 2 weeks.

But heres the thing
I met an american girl that i realy liked, a few days after i met her she flew back to the states.

it kinda bumbs me out…
Since i broke up with my ex, i feel like i can’t talk to girls, like im no longer intrested in what they have to say. i still find them sexualy appealing but i dont wanna do anything about it.

the american girl was diffrent, her smile the way she talked, i remembered for a seconed how it is to feel something, i didn’t feel like i wished she whould stop talking like other girls lately.

i know she left, but im grateful to know i can still feel excited about a new person.

All the girls in my life are not worth it, im not a one night kinda guy. i need a girl that will be beutiful smart and crazy but in a good way.

hopefully i will find that, somewhere.



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