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Normally, when you hear the word ‘travel’, you think of England, Egypt, France, Italy, and so forth – I normally think that way, too, but what about the places barely anyone knows about, other than the indigenous people of that specified area? The places that are not only forgettable, but they seem as though they’re from a different planet? Those places have always been the ones that fascinated me. The picture above isn’t just a painting, or a place from a movie, but it’s an actual garden in Netherlands, called the Keukentof Gardens. There are a lot of other places, too, that give off an otherworldly feel, such as Mount Roraima, Venezuela, The Marble Caves in Chile Chico, Chile, and Skaftafeli, Iceland (go Google the pictures of these places, they’re amazing!). The hardest part of traveling isn’t always the price, or how you’ll get there; but sometimes, it’s choosing WHERE you want to go first!


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One problem, though, is finding such places (since they’re not so well known) x.x; Best of luck in your travels, too ^ If either of you want a list of places I’ve found, I’d be more than happy to give it to you ^

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