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Fairest by Gail Carson Levine had some lovely sings and revelations...

pg. 249-250
Today you end
and you begin. The old
is still sweeter
than the new. You
notice everything.

Your fingers don’t do
as they’re told.

Remember, and
don’t forget
the moments
of your beginning.

We’ll be lucky to know you!
We’re lucky to know you now!

pg. 301-302
I can never stop thanking you.
If I never stop,
I never need to say
A river rushes between us.
You follow it north,
I pursue it south.
When I weep
because I miss you,
my tears will seep
through your cavern.
Your face is kind
as a shawl in winter,
or a diamond for a song.
My family keeps an inn.
You have a chamber in my heart.
No rent is due.

pg. 304

People don’t look as they behave….

I had grandeur. I breathed in the cool night air. Perhaps I could learn to wear myself without apologies, with dignity. Perhaps I could become what Ijori already saw. Perhaps someday I might be able to smile at myself in a mirror.
Not yet. But maybe someday.


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