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go on a road trip with no predetermined destination

Drove to UD for a Thursday night this summer before I went to Hawaii for my last few college credits and before I started work immediately after getting home. Stayed with Brent Songer, TJ Ferriss, John Okerson, and Brian Willebrand at 456 BLowes (where Kogut Cioffi Chase and Evon lived Junior Year). One night very slowly turned into an extended 8 night stay, and I left as their 5th Roommate. This was one of the best moves I have ever made, great foundations with all these boys ( +Ben Gough) and they only grew more genuinely over the 8 days. It never felt like a visit or like I was stepping on anyones toes, esp with my own top bunk.

I am so happy to have ended my time at UD on campus with this. I love all of them and Ben and I felt like I was with family.


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