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As a Phoenix Rising declares 2014 to be The Year of Yes (please) .

Do one upside down sit up on Mom's inversion table (read all 18 entries…)
My summer bridge 2011 daughter

came over all excited about moving into her first apartment next week. Her real Mom isn’t talking to her and when my sbdaughter comes home her mom leaves the house. how awful is that?

when she said her mom wasn’t helping her with stuff, well, believe me, I got stuff. So she came over and I gave her two lamps that were being stored in the hall closet. A set of new in the package sheets that were really fabric for when I made the bed skirt and curtains for the Ribbons and Bows room of my bed and breakfast. pretty amazing I have stored those all these years. “use it up, wear it out, make it do, do without” I never needed to use these sheets and I don’t have a bed the size of the sheets. I know blue isn’t her favourite colour and she laughed that she sure knew it was mine. She was glad to have the sheets.

She took a couple of empty boxes, since I have been unpacking some recently.

She said they (4 college kids moving in to the apartment, 2 to a room.) had 4 plates and 4 glasses and a set of siverware, but nothing to cook with. Except someone had given them a rice cooker.

I went to the garage and got out the still new in the box set of caphalon cookware. $279 on the price tag. It had originally been intended for my former step-daughter, when she got married. However, the divorce changed all of life and this box never accomplished its original intent. I felt good giving it to my sbdaughter. It seems close enough to the original intent. The cookware will last her a lifetime.

When we were upstairs, getting out two mirrors for her to take (so she could still put on make up when the bathroom was busy) she questioned the inversion table. I got on to demonstrate it. I was secretly thrilled when I could see how much progess I’ve made towards my goal of one upside down sit up. I could go much farther, smoother and quicker than ever before!!!

After that we drove over for her to show me the outside of the apartment. She talked about how she wished her Mom was excited for her and wanted to help her get ready for her first apartment. She talked about how one of the roommates was standing by her and she asked her mom to meet her new roommate and her mom said she didn’t want to and walked off. The roommate’s feelings were hurt.

I’m glad I can take, not the mother role, but maybe the grandmother role. Everyone needs someone to cheer them on. (thank you to everyone that has Ever cheered me!)

We talked about being a grown up and making decisions. That it was okay for mother’s to be mad. You have to make your decisions and have your own life lessons you learn from them.

I’ll help how I can and refrain from helping how I can’t. I can’t co-sign for the apartment. I can’t have any more credit checks or financial commitments when I am in the process of getting a loan for a house.

I can’t be wealthy enough to eliminate poverty. I can’t be sick enough to make other people well. I just have to take care of me and do the best I can for others. Even if it isn’t “enough”.


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