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I’m not under the gun, just aware that time is passing and I need to focus on my current project for work today (this means a smaller, more focused plate). There are only a few of us that still have the proper software (after the fire) to work with the files as they come in.

It’s a calm white morning after a glorious night of violent thunderstorms and semi-lucid roller-coaster dreams. The kids are both still asleep, so I’m going to have a quick coffee and get to work.

I’ve heard the storms may return in the afternoon.

  • Eat well, drink plenty of water, and take vitamins/supplements
  • Exercise/movement for 1 hour minimum: walk, yoga, Wii fit+
  • Basic house maintenance: dishes, garbage, recycling, compost
  • Flylady Mission of the Day: Sort tupperware
  • Laundry: wash, sort, put away
  • Reading & homework with Isak
  • Family game / adventure
  • Me time: bath, bubbles, book
  • Downtime w/M
  • Continue May happiness entries √ Worked on photos
  • Start plans for clothing swap
  • Residual clean-up: re-wash floors and clean under microwave
  • Memoir work: carry on with The Hideous File (aim for half)
  • BookCrossing: register, label, journal, & tag 3 covers
  • Fight potential pink eye – nip in the bud with drops
  • Find robot development constructopedia #1 √ Yes!
  • Cooperatively finish de Blob level √ Yei-haw!
  • Work on Isak’s summer journal
  • Contact Lego game guy √ Picking it up tonight!
  • Load new photos
  • Movie with M. The Machinist with popcorn…


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