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have a lucid dream
First Lucid Dream

I ws wondering around doing normal dream stuff. There was a beautiful orange and grey sunset in the sky that was just captivating. For some reason i decide to look at my hands. They look like cartoon hands and im able to look at them ten times closer than the real naked eye would be able to. i see every little line and suddenly it hits me. I’m lucid Im so exited i scream “WOOOO!” and instantly im removed from the dream. I dont know if it was a true or false awakening but im almost immediately put back into the dream and im lucid again. this time i manage to keep my cool. I dont think to change anything, instead i just wonder aroun my dream world, into a house with uneven floors and barley any light. i see my boyfriend and we embrace. while hugging him i look at my hands again to keep my lucidity but he spins me around and i lose it. then im back into regular non-lucid dreaming.

I’m very very pleased with this although i hadn’t had much control because i had been very intensely trying to do this, doing multipple reality checks a day, reading on it, thinking of it, and recently i slowed down. I stopped trying SO hard and almost started to lose hope but then this hppened at the perfect time mking me believe in my abillity to do this x1000000000. now i realize i ont have to try quite as hard as i was and im exited for my next one.



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