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Summer time

thank god its summer…its the only time I really get a chance to just read whatever the hell I want…in the past few weeks I have read the first two books from the fifty shades of grey trilogy and i’m currently reading the last all of which I have fully enjoyed reading… even though I lacked getting some shut eye from my need of knowing what would happen next in the Christian & Anastasia story quite intriguing. I have also read the book Flipped…now one of my faves. After watching the movie flipped and being left with a smile plastered on my face I was curious as to how the book would be so I bought it…as it turns out the book also aimed to please..me at least its a cute story and it also left me smiling and pondering on childhood memories which aren’t really alike at all but a reminder of how things were different and better when I was younger. :D



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