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leave my eyebrows alone for a while (and unrelated entries) (read all 34 entries…)

Succeeded in not shaving for two weeks, I only got a haircut (at a professional) so as to make the beard look less scraggly (thanks to hair being the same length on the back/sides of my head). Unfortunately, I cracked and shaved the beard today. It looks good but now I know without that “equaliser” it’s going to be hard not to obsess on body hair and eyebrows again. Well, I’ve left my eyebrows alone so far but I’m already torturing my body hair again. Which I really shouldn’t be doing. I saw my back in the mirror recently and realised the skin looks awful from all the shaving, even though it’s been weeks since the last time. Doesn’t particularly make me want to get naked in front of someone, let alone enroll at the swimming pool to get in shape and help feel better about myself like I intended to.


Hawk~ History's mystery

I suggest

the full body wax.

With accompanying link to the youtube video for the truly stout of heart

☠ dustball jin ☠ a star that travels into holes to get a sense of how it ends

I've actually

been considering it. It’s not as if there was much to lose in the process (hair’s just hair and it grows back) and I’d be able to say I’ve tried it (having tried painful things is supposed to be cool, isn’t it ?). On the other hand, I’d very much prefer to be able to like myself the way I am, which was the case years ago, well, not accurate, years ago I didn’t care much. I’m trying to get back to a similar state of mind.

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