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starburst1982 is back after way too much time away

Try my best to meditate every day (read all 8 entries…)
This is something...

else that i have not been putting nearly enought time into. Exercise and meditation are the two lifelines that are constantly thete to pull me from my dark days and yet i continue to neglect them. I reached a point the other day when i felt i could no longer listen to the incessant chat in my head. I sat down to meditate on the words ‘let go’ and by the end i felt so much calmer and freeer. I wonder why i have a tendancy to drop these things in my time of need.


I do the same thing

Maybe it’s human nature? “They” say we resist that which we most need how messed up is that?

starburst1982 is back after way too much time away

It's madness!

But i am a little relieved that it isn’t just me :-)

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