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live in the wild
Any UK people?

Is there anyone in the UK interested in getting in touch to share any ideas or tips, and ultimately going to live in the wild? A friend and I are preparing to live in the wild, and wondered if anyone else was interested, as we want to get a group together.


john_swale is just gonna go

Why are you wanting to live in the wild?

I guess modern life isn’t for me, I want to experience living in the wild for a short time while I am still young enough

wren You'll not see nothing like the mighty wren!

I've lived in the wild

and don’t think you have to be especially young to do it.

You and your friend will have lots of life-changing adventures, I’m sure.

john_swale is just gonna go

Sounds good

Ah okay – but are you going camping or living in a cabin or something?
I’m just wondering as I like the idea but just sort of picturing it.
Like Wren said it all sounds really good and depending on what you do and all it should be a great experience.

I was planning on camping, and moving about every few days :)

john_swale is just gonna go


That does sound cool to be fair.
Do it in Scotland – in the depths of the woods. I can just imagine it.

(This comment was deleted.)

sure thing, email me.

ann onymous Trying to find people who want to live in the wilderness

Hey there. Me and a few others were planning on doing the same. We plan to go to Labrador Cananda near Newfoundland. My group is completely dedicated to doing this, and we don’t plan to come back to society. If you want to join us send me an email misticday1@gmail.com

FloraJay "you weren't put on this world to be ordinary"

I emailed you! Looking forward to hearing back from you.

Were I in the UK I would be interested in joining!

That’s a shame, where do you live?

I’m in the USA :/

that sucks :/ I am sure there are lots people over there who are also interested though :)

Mm, Scotland, as mentioned, is a good idea (if you’re willing to brave the cold). It’s the only place to camp in the wild legally in the UK, save for short stays in certain areas of Dartmoor National Park or Yorkshire Dales, and Scotland’s woodland surely trumps that of the rest of the UK. I’d love to join you but unfortunately my plans for living in the wild won’t be acted on until a few more years. Good luck though!

thanks :)
I was planning on going in a couple of years, after I finish college

You're welcome

In that case, feel free to hang around, then, and maybe we will arrange something one day. :)

(This comment was deleted.)

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