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75 days...

until I get to go HOME. It will have been over a year since I’ve been gone…I had only planned on being gone 4 months.

I spent much of the day somewhat miserable and randomly shedding tears. Mostly because of last night, but also because I’m just so out of sorts and disconnected. I had hoped to talk to A about his upcoming trip up here, but the thought depressed me because it was looking like I was going to be the only person denied vacation time.

Fortunately, something good may be in the mix. It’s not set in stone yet, but it looks like I might might get 9 days off. Which would be INCREDIBLE. We had talked about taking a road trip, and this way we’d be able to. Then I’d have three days of backpacking for work and he could go with, if he wanted to. Which is amazing! (Plus I’d be getting paid $420 just to backpack…crazyness.) So hopefully this will all work out. I just really want to see him.

Next Monday I’m going to be driving up to town to hang with my former boss; we’re planning on hiking up in the mountains. The week after that I think I’ll go to a park a few hours away and spend the night, and the week after that I’ll be getting ready for German boy’s arrival. And after he leaves I’ll have less than a month to go until my sentence here is up!

Hopefully I can make it through until then.


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