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Greenleaves shining & glowing

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Through many dangers, toils and snares, I have already come . . . to get my passport photos at last. One place’s screen was broken; the guy at the other place took my picture but forgot to print it, and it’s nowhere to be found; nobody there could take my photo again today because their camera is now broken; finally I stopped back at the first place on the chance their screen had been repaired, and it had been, so I got my photos taken AND printed and paid for.

The application is printed out too, so I just need to sign it and put it in a padded mailer and send it off. Need to remember to take cash to the post office, as my to-and-froing today took me there only to find a sign on the door: No debit or credit cards, cash only.

Honestly, I think I need to lower my expectations. Is it the sagging economy? I feel as if I’m living in a less-developed country these days.


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