gottawonder Loves her tortoise!

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Sept 15

Today I am grateful for:

It’s my birthday! I got lots of happy birthdays on Facebook, and my husband, Mom, and sister over the phone.

My goat seems to be a little perkier, trying to walk around on her sore leg.

My neighbour. He’s helped me so much.


JadedForever "Lift up your head princess, if not the crown falls"

gw -

Happy Birthday!

gottawonder Loves her tortoise!

Thank you!

I never know how to say “it’s my birthday” without sounding like I’m trolling for birthday wishes. I do like them, though.

RM There are better days ahead!

Happy belated birthday!

I hope you got tons of smiles that day! Yay for gottawonder! Huzzah!

gottawonder Loves her tortoise!


Huzzah! indeed.

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