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lose weight (read all 13 entries…)
Going really well

When I really began to try at this goal I didn’t think I would lose weight really. It sounds weird but never did I think I would lose 5 pounds in three weeks! It not even hard just initial umph to get you started is the biggest hurdle then you just stick to the plan and keep going and I have and I feel awesome.

net loss: -5 pounds
Goal: 9 stone


Hello & Congratulations ! Hope you consistently keep up with loosing weight. I myself lost 6 pounds this month on the low carb diet. What kind of a diet are you on? Do share!


I not really on a diet, I’ve just changed the choices i’ve made such as I drink only water and I eat a lot of fruit and veg and protien. I also eat carbs but i don’t go overboard. I exercise every other day.

Also in relation to exercising on my days off i would go walk instead of taking the bus, I would take the stairs instead of the lift.

I’ve changed my lifestyle basically, and don’t forget that your still allowed to have those things that you love but the trick is to downsize.

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