do 100 pushups (read all 6 entries…)
Harder than I thought!

I just did my twenty (another 43t’s goal marked off)... keep in mind I’ve been working on the bench press at the gym for a few months. I was surprised at how hard they were. I did 20 – then kept going and did 50 total… but I’m a little light headed now too. I really had to push the last 5, and wanted to stop at about 43 funny enough.

I will keep practicing and do a few more as often as I can push myself! I’ve always been the nerd, outta shape, and I’m finally coming around at 39 years old! I wanna get to 100 without stopping before July when I turn 40.


Well, I think you can do it if you really really work at it. There’s this guy at my school who, to help raise money for some cancer funding thingy, does 2000 pushups and he’s in special ed and he has a problem walking normally. But anyway, if he can do that many, I’m sure you can do 100 :D

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