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lose 20 lbs

i’m sick of always falling for deserts and thinking that i will do good the next day and it all fails. i run to make things better cause that clears my mind but i can’t get myself to run in the weather like this. it’s way to cold and i’m not motivated. i hate feeling like this, i just want to lose 20 pounds and get down to 115 and i think i can do it but i need so much motivation and no one telling me EAT THIS like my family they watch me and if i don’t eat they think something is wrong.


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When someone says to me

Eat this or why aren’t you eating my answer is usually: Do I look like I’m starving? I’m a bit overweight/chubby/festively plump, so the answer is obvious.

Usually shuts them up until next time.

The big thing I learned when I was actually in Weight Watchers was that some people like being spoilers because subconsciously they are jealous of someone losing weight. You have to remember you’re losing weight for you, not for them. And you can say that: I’m trying to lose weight…for me. Will you at least help me by not offering me food all the time?

If someone asked me what is wrong because I was not eating something, I would say, “I’m overweight so I’m trying to eat healthy.”

I don’t know how overweight you are, but it’s always better to be honest and not ashamed. They should be ashamed for not offering to help.

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