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Forgive Yoko for splitting up the Beatles (read all 2 entries…)
Wow, I'm not the only one.

Ever since childhood I have had a fierce, deep hate for Yoko Ono. I was raised on the Beatles. My dad used to wake me up on the weekends by playing their albums. So when I finally was old enough to understand the whole Yoko Ono thing, I got pretty angry. As far as I was concerned, it was ALL HER FAULT that I didn’t have more Beatles songs to dance to in the living room. I still practically hiss every time her name is mentioned. I’m twenty now, which brings the Yoko-hating year count to something like fourteen. So I guess it’s time to let it go.



Forgive yoko for splitting up the beatles

Emily, I have great distain for yoko ono for many reasons. If John hadn’t met Yoko, his use of drugs may have not played such a huge role in his life. Instead of keeping up with his spiritual side, studying with the Maharashi as did George, he may not have delved into heroine which he later began doing with yoko. His experiences with LSD started way before then, but he sought a way out until meeting her. Then he abandoned his real family for this person who hardly even knew him. I do believe that John lived a very unconventional lifestyle, much to Cynthia’s dismay, but he acted very nasty and bitterly towards her and Julian after meeting Yoko. The Beatles at that point in time may have been nearing the end regardless, but i can’t help thinking that Yoko played a big role in that determination. She seemed to have interferred way too much. If you want to read a great book..read john by cynthia Lennon.. there is a forward in there by Julian.. I think you will come to understand John’s twisted life through this book.


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