surrealmuse awakening from my slumber and getting back in the groove.

tell everyone how kickass starglows is for writing a script to tell you what you've already cheered (read all 2 entries…)
I've got an idea for a script

for creations such as these…there should be a way to mass invite or notify the active users here (i.e. the ones like us that log in more than once) so we don’t scare off the newbies. maybe it’s time I go visit ideas to share this thought.



If I may,

I think that anything resembling massive communication could easily be considered as spam, and therefore unwelcome.

If the Robots want to give a space for these creations it would be fine, but massive, unwanted communication between users is generally frowned upon…

surrealmuse awakening from my slumber and getting back in the groove.

Yes, I'll agree to that

but from what I’ve seen communication of these types of scripts only occur between with who you know, and that in my eyes isn’t fair to everyone here.

43things has done a pretty good job about giving several different email options so I would think that the method of communication of such a script would be considered. That is, would you want email notification? Would you want a place you could log into such as the Robot blog to find out these types of upgrades? Potentially, it could also be another greasemoney script that you have the ability to turn on/off.

But I still think we need a better way of communicating these types of system improvements.

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