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I was doing so well in January, but BAM I’m back in a rut. The thing is I always pull things off, and very well. So I never have to really learn my lesson. But down the line I don’t want to shorten my life over stress, so let’s hope some day this goal is checked off. Does anyone else feel like they can achieve all goals except when it comes to something that is only about themselves? For example, your boss expects you to come up with a spectacular presentation in a day—easy, you’ll do it even if it requires time and effort. But if you want to lose weight, catch up on reading, anything personal, it’s much more likely that you’ll not achieve it? Do we just not take ourselves seriously enough? Should we prioritize ourselves in the top slot without believing it’s selfish or disregarding it?


Sweetiepie, thinkin about the other guy

Thats a good question, unfortunately ur gunna have to use ur own discretion, it sounds like ur always trying to please somebody else, instead of yoself, ur a people pleaser, even though u got ur own problems, u look at other people’s an try to solve em’. Its ok to think about yoself once in awhile, take the time to smile. Watch out cause one day u might have to learn that lesson, and it probably wont be fun.


You may be on to something...

Thanks for the comment. I had an epiphany. I’d never thought of myself as a people pleaser, in fact I saw those people in a negative light. “People pleaser” for me was synonymous with “follower” and I’ve always been a leader. I’m very much an A type personality so since I can achieve my goals (grades, career path, etc.) it was troubling me that I couldn’t achieve my more personal goals. It’s a little bit of a paradox. But I’m thinking about what you said, still processing and analyzing but it is revealing some patterns in my life. Thanks!

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