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find my dad
Whos my dad?

Okay, so all my live ive been told my dad was bobby cowell, but today i found my mums diary and i read it. i know its not my personal stuff to read but i’m sure every 17 year old wants to know what they mum was like they’re age…so in this diary was just about what she did everyday and luckily it was when she found out she was having me. so i read on…and in one page shes says “didnt know how much i hated bobby till today hes just one horrible twat and im glad this baby is not his.” in this book, shes in love with bobby and also someone called Andrew Muir….i want to know which one of them is my dad. i cant ask my mum as she’ll go mad knowing i’ve been at her stuff…plus i dont want to hurt her by asking. what should i do?


Olympus10 is living my life the way I want and never regretting it!!!


I’m sorry you don’t who your dad is, I wish I didn’t know who my dad is :p
It looks to me like you might want to try to contact Andrew Muir, just ask him a couple of questions, maybe meet him in person. You look old enough to do that stuff without your mum knowing.
Just a little warning:
Sometimes it’s better to not know the truth

Olympus10 is living my life the way I want and never regretting it!!!

Oh, and if Andrew or Bobby is not alive anymore you might want to get your DNA tested

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